Lucky Number 13

Today, April 29th of 2019 my husband and I celebrate our 13th anniversary. Depending on who and where you are, the number 13 can be consisdered lucky or unlucky. I am going to go ahead and call it lucky, it feels lucky. So far this year has felt like watchng the Roulette wheel spin while you have your chips on double 0 and the ball is bounce, bouncing around. That is to say something great is bound to happen and is just on the horizon.

As you may have noted, Rodney and I are creative people. We are both led to constantly create. While what we create couldn’t be more different, the feelings are the same. He is my biggest cheerleader and fan. No matter what I do he is encouraging. Cooking, baking, writing, building, painting, he is behind me all the while with genuine caring and positive reinforcement. Having someone like that in your corner makes all the difference in the world. I highly recommend finding one. That said, it is also important that your person also be the voice of reason or honesty when your head gets too dangerously close to the clouds or on the opposite end, the railroad tracks. Sometimes, he needs to protect me from myself and my “ambition” and for that balance of positivity and reality check I will forever be grateful.

I am pretty sure he would say the same about me. I will forever be his biggest fan and am in constant awe of his creative and entrepreneurial spirit. Rodney has been an independent artist for many years now. We do pretty much everything having to do with his musical career. With this new album, Texas Songwriter, I have been excited to watch it all unfold. He recorded it at home, in our makeshift recording “studio”, late at night after Wyatt had gone to bed. I would hear him some nights, while I read in bed, recording the songs several times to get the perfect recording. Sometimes I would lay there and think, that sounded perfect, what is he doing? But then the next one was even more perfect somehow. And sometimes I would say, you’re singing that in the wrong key, and he would look at me like… ????… and then I would be right. The music business is so hard right now. It’s hard to sell albums when there are so many places for people to get music for free or basically free. So he has decided to give the album away…. essentially. We want you to come over to BandCamp and become a subscriber. BandCamp is great, they pay artists way more than Apple Music, Spotify or whatever other thing you are listening to. They have a free, easy to use app that you can listen to music on. AND if you subscribe to your favortie artist, like Rodney, you get every song ever recorded. Thats 17 total albums and EPs. Includng one where I sing on it. Yes, I sing. Badly, but I do it anyway. Ok, shamless advertsing is over. I am just so dang proud of his work. In my opinion there is no one better! Ok one more plug…. if you are in the San Antonio area, you should get tickets to the show at the Tobin Center. If you are a fan, or if you really do not know much about his music but you are friends with me… you should get a ticket and come check it out. It will be a fantastic show, I know because we ended the Western Troubadour Tour at the Tobin in 2018 and it was a beautiful show in a beautiful venue. This time we are kicking off the tour with the Tobin and we are super excited. Please come join us and support good, independent music. Ok, now my plug is over…. but serisously buy that ticket…insert winking face here…Buy your tickets here

So… for now, we will continue to watch that Roulette ball bounce around. Even though it landed on double 0, 13 lucky years ago.


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  1. I am so proud of y’all. I love to follow all that you both are involved with. No I am not a stalker but a friend of both families. 13 is a very lucky number for me. Al and I were married on Friday June 13, 1969. So 50 years is coming soon. Big year for me. I turn 70 on May 17 (sounds like a concert date) Al and I will be there.πŸ™β€οΈπŸ€ πŸŽΈπŸŽ΅πŸŽΆπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


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