This Week at the Farm…Crazy Chicken Lady

Besides cooking all I have been thinking about lately are chickens. Currently in the Ranch flock we have about 16 which includes a Rio Grande Turkey who acts as the Godfather of the entire flock. They are funny chickens and each have an interesting personality. Which is why I can’t wait to get a second flock for our little farm here in the back yard. So I put in an order with a friend for some Marans and we are attempting to hatch a dozen chicks from the eggs we have collected from the current flock. The big thing on the agenda right now, is build the coup. Trust me when I say that there are so many coup ideas out there that range from mini cottage where you wouldn’t mind also living to how does an animal live in that without it collapseing in on itself. Trying to find a reasonable, affordable medium is fairly hard. At least for me.

Here are the eggs in the incubator! Thanks to Tom for letting us borrow his!


We also went to a Mealworm Workshop this past week. Yes, you read that right. Mealworms. We are now the proud owners of a mealworm farmette. I read that these are excellent for your chickens and fairly easy to raise yourself so you save a little money. According to the mealworm guru it takes about 5 months to build up your numbers of mealworms until you can start feeding them without depleting your farmette. So right now they live in the living room in a closed container becasue Wyatt insists that these are his new pets. Oh! Did I tell you Carl, the remaining Goldfish, died! Wyatt was pretty heartbroken but the mealworms have helped him to get over the devistation. He is already arguing about feeding them to the chickens. As soon as they out grow their sandwich container they are going outside in a larger container just not in the house. So I’m sure that will be a fun conversation to have with him. Here he is talking shop with the mealworm guru.


I have been on the search for a great table to put at the side of the house and garden. I was pretty much gearing up to make my own farm table when I came across this beauty!


It’s missing a chair, but otherwise in great shape and is German made. It was shipped here from someone stationed overseas as a gift 4 years ago. I am certain they were not aware of what they had. Anyway, I love it and its super unique!


In garden news, the grass is slowly closing in on us. Which I am actually not worried about as much as I probably should be. We planted the grapes and blueberry bush, and they do not seem to be doing well…. I think the soil is too heavy and probably water logged them right away. Plus with it being more on the side of alkaline, its not a great match for blueberries and grapes. All this information is to tell us that our suspisions were correct and we need to bring in soil. So right before we are ready for planting we will be bringing in a load of garden soil to create raised rows and raised beds. So the grass is totally second in mind to the stress of actually growing these plants.

In the meantime, if you have any old lumber you want to get rid of, let us know! We will happliy come take it off your hands! I can trade you baked goods!!

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