To Capsule or Not to Capsule…. Is that the Question?

There are many reasons one decides to downsize their closet. Mine is two-fold. One, I needed to purge the many, many items that were just sitting there staring at me every day, not getting worn, looking sad, making me feel bad about saying, “I have nothing to wear”. Two, we are moving into an RV to tour the United States. Obviously the closets were going to much, much smaller, and our storage room did not need to be filled up with my clothes that I have been holding on to for decades.

So, I  am not following the specific guidelines of a “capsule wardrobe”, which would be to only choose 33 to 37 items, including shoes and according to some people also accessories. This just seems too extreme for me personally, maybe one day I can get there but not now. That is kind of like quitting cold turkey. It’s not for everyone. I chose instead 30 articles of clothing, 12 scarves, 3 belts, and 4 pairs of shoes.

Some people choose to create a capsule for each season and they switch them out. Some have a base capsule that they switch out certain pieces depending on the season. Some wear a versatile capsule all year round. I also read that the original idea for the capsule wardrobe was to only use clothes you already had in your closet, not making any new purchases. And there are some snobby people out there who feel like you do not have an actual “capsule wardrobe” if you do not subscribe to their idea of what that is. So, to each their own I guess.

All that said, I basically have a base capsule, if you will. I do have a few summer dresses that I love that do not translate well for winter with tights so I will add those later along with a pair or two of shorts and sandals.

What did I settle on? Let’s see!img_4170

This is it, everything that is going on the road with me. The experts say that if you realize you made a mistake in something you chose to keep, that you are supposed to figure out how to live with it. I don’t think that I will be that strict. If there is something that I figure out I need, I plan to add it.

Clockwise from the top right are 5 dresses. Four of these have long sleeves and look great with tights. The other, is a summer dress that looks good with a jean jacket and I think might do well with tights. It might end up being a mistake I need to get rid of.

I have four long sleeve button up shirts, that I love. Four sweaters, one of which is more like a jacket but when I wear it I never take it off because I just love the look of it as my top. I chose 4 short sleeve tops, two t-shirts and two nicer tops that can be layered with scarves and jackets.

For bottoms, I have two of my favorite skirts, and three pairs of jeans and one pair skinny jeans.

For outer wear there are two vests, one quilted white vest and one, I don’t know what to call it- fashion vest? In other words it won’t be keeping me warm. I also kept 5 different jackets out. I have an obvious scarf problem and I don’t even wear them that much, but I plan too!! I swear!

Shoes were not as hard to narrow down, I have my cowboy boots, tall boots, a pair of slip on everyday shoes and my hiking Keens.

I also included but did not count a set of old clothes that I can wear for working outside in a mess.

I really should not have any problem making it the next six months with this wardrobe. It has everything I need and many pieces are able to be layered and mixed and matched. Of course I really have no idea how easy or hard this will be. But I will keep you posted. I will also possibly take pictures of my outfits if I can remember to do something like that.

Here are some more up close pictures of everything… sort of… just in case you were curious.


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