Week One in the Books


What a great first week of unemployment! Ha! Not only was it fantastic getting to spend that time with my family but we got the best home cooking, a great day date to a German food restaurant, and time hiking in the woods talking with nature. What more could anyone possibly ask for? I’m not even upset we didn’t come home with a trailer like I thought we would (already blogged about that craziness – won’t recap here).

What am I grateful for? Many, many things. Here are some of them.

Time. So grateful for time. As I am sure you know, there is not much of it around. Not nearly as much as you hope to have. All the time we spend in Colorado is the best quality family time you can spend. We literally spent half an entire day sitting outside in the sun trying to trick chipmunks into getting stuck in a bucket so Wyatt could see one up-close. (Side note: those little boogers are fast!) I don’t remember the last time my mom laughed so hard! Rodney and I went on a hike with my dad to parts of the property previously undiscovered by my dad and we found the coolest rock formations that we named Wind Rock and Vista Rock. Wyatt played outside all day. Every. Day. He was playing right along side not only his human family but his new animal family that consists of Mule Deer, Turkey, chipmunks, a toy poodle and a heeler mix puppy. I’m grateful for the time he gets with his grandparents. He loves them immensely. The only thing that would make it better? If the ENTIRE family could be there together. We would have such a great time!

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Good old fashion fun! We had the chance to attend the school’s Halloween Festival, which was held in their gym. Prior to the festival we went to the Middle School’s Band fund-raiser which was a chili dinner with some of my parents friend’s. It was just like everything we grew up with. But maybe just a tad smaller. Those of you who don’t know, Rodney and I grew up in adjacent small towns. Mine significantly smaller than his, at the time. Today these towns are booming due to oil. Which is great, but of course changes the feel of a small town. It was fun to be able to be in that environment again where everyone knows everyone even if we were the outsiders. Wyatt had a blast at the “fishing” game, rubber duckie matching, ring toss and human bowling. They also had a cake walk and a wedding booth! It was adorable and Wyatt had a blast.

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Nature. If you have never been to Colorado, you really need to make it out there. The mountains are amazing. If the ocean is healing, then the mountains are your preventative. And we should all be taking preventative meds, right? The Rocky Mountains are of course a wonder to see, but the Sangre de Cristo mountain range is just as gorgeous. It doesn’t matter, just go see some! Hike through them. Sit and stare at them. Listen to them.


These are just three highlights from the week. It was a week full of fun and family and helpful in keeping me distracted in my newfound freedom. It was perfect.

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