Introducing Bluebonnet!


It’s been 20 days since I posted a blog, but seriously it’s been pretty tame around here. The most exciting thing was adding epsom salt to my shampoo, which really helps with oily hair, in case you are wondering.

We have been working hard to book the tour and get CDs and Packages mailed out. As it turns out it’s pretty difficult to find packaging for 11×17 posters when you’re mailing them with CDs and Books too. And now UPS is holding that packaging hostage… so yay for frustration!

But! The big news here is – WE GOT A TRAVEL TRAILER!!! We are really so excited and blessed to have the help of a great friend, John Mayse at JM Connected Auto Sales! He doesn’t deal in RVs but if you are in the need of a car or truck he can help you out! They have lots in Devine and Pleasanton Texas. We would not have found our new home on wheels without him!!

What did we get? We are in a 2012 Keystone Outback Super lite. It’s a 10th Anniversary Edition… I don’t really know what that means… Anyway, we are pretty much just stoked to even have the trailer but this one is already super nice. I had it in my head that whatever we bought was probably going to end up needing some serious remodeling and painting. But the cabinets and flooring are all nice and in perfect condition. Yay! The couch fabric, I’m not super crazy about, but that is such an easy fix. We have a table with four chairs and we do plan to turn one side into a storage bench seat so that Wyatt will have room for all his toys.

We are really excited about the outdoor kitchen on the trailer. It has two outside propane burners, a place for a grill, sink and counter space and a refrigerator. I have a feeling we will be using it a ton!

Wyatt and Rodney are excited about the TV. It swivels around from the living space to the bedroom area. Which will be great on those lazy days or too cold to get up days.

We are also trying to get Wyatt excited about sleeping on the pull out couch and not in bed with us. Since the trailer only has a queen size bed, I imagine that the loss of bed square footage will be equal to the increase of feet in my face and stomach. The plan is to let him pick out his own bedding and let him watch a movie from the bed to sweeten the deal. We shall see how we fare.

I am planning to build the bench seat myself to save a little money. I looked at buying a large storage ottoman, but I just couldn’t spend the $100 on something I am sure I can make for under $50. I will be including the project on the website, so check back to see how it goes.

Happiness does’t begin to describe what we feel! Maybe relief does. We can’t wait to get Bluebonnet out on the road. Yes, we named her Bluebonnet. Until next time…

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