Giving Candy to Strangers

A Wyatt Update

We get the question, “How is Wyatt enjoying the trip/RV/mom being home?” a lot. So I figured I would write a post about this amazing child of mine. So if you are not into hearing me brag about my smarty pants then please skip this post… 😉

About a month after I left my job Wyatt started to ask me if I was going back to work. At first I was offended. I thought, Seriously, I left my job for you, you ungrateful turkey and now you’re tired of me?! But then when I told him no that I was going to be at home from now on with him and daddy, he cheered! I got hugs and woohoos! Which was all the validation I ever needed! He still asks me about once a week, “Mommy you going to work now?” And when I tell him no, I always get some type of cheer! He also tells me he misses me quite a lot. Which makes me feel sad, happy and all kinds of things because I know he understands what that word means. I worry maybe I’m not being present enough for him that day, so I usually try to be more mindful of our interactions. But I also think this maybe  a reaction going from not seeing me everyday to seeing me everyday. Not sure.

Wyatt is doing really well overall with the change. He likes the excitement of packing up the trailer and going to a new place. He loves the adventure of where ever we go. December was both great and extremely difficult for us. Since Wyatt’s birthday and Christmas happen in the same month we did A LOT of unwrapping gifts and very spaced out. So he was opening presents from someone every week! He was pretty much spoiled rotten in the past few weeks with so much celebration. He may have had an impromptu conversation with you about how Christmas is over and that means no more presents. We are still struggling and coming up with new ideas for why he can’t get a toy because it’s no longer his birthday. His answer is always something along the lines of, “I have a birthday every two days!” Good try kid.

Wyatt has surprised many of us the past few months with how much information his spongy brain is retaining. He occasionally impresses people  with his ability to count to 5 (sometimes higher depends on the day), which if you ask him to do it he of course does not, he answers with “porcupine, chicken, poop, blah, pfthhhhh” or something to that tune. He is very much his own person and likes to do things in his own time and only if it’s his idea. Just this week, I taught him how to look for fossils. I pointed some out and showed him what they looked like (we were in an area where there were a lot of very small gastropod fossils). We did some fossil hunting together for a little while one afternoon and days later he took our friend Jane and on a complete different site on the property pointed out several fossils to her! We were all impressed. Smartest kid ever! Also on the impressive side, he is expanding his dinosaur knowledge beyond T-Rex and Triceratops.

His favorite thing to do though, besides play outside, is to dance. He’s got the moves like Jagger for sure. Or maybe his daddy. Either way, he’s a dancing fool and loves to listen to music with daddy.

Oddly enough, he started quoting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this week too. I wish it was the original one with Gene Wilder. He liked that one but not as much as the new one with Johnny Depp. He also quotes Hotel Transylvania 2, which is also equal parts hilarious and bizarre. He has an interesting sense of humor.

The story I will leave with is bar far my favorite Wyatt story to date! Yesterday we had to hook up the trailer to go dump the tanks for the second time during our stay. The first time he was wanting to help and was really in the way and kept touching all the gross stuff and almost pulled the hose out of the dump hole (for lack of a proper word). He was just a mess. He threw a tantrum  because we wouldn’t let him help. So this time I gave him half a bag of Skittles and told him to sit in the front seat and he could look out the window for birds. (Don’t worry people we could see/hear him the entire time and he would also yell at us I’m still ok). So Rodney and I are dumping the tanks, when we hear the following:

Wyatt: Hi! Are yous going for a walk?

Little old lady: Hi, why yes I am. What are you doing?

W: I’m eating skittles. Do you want one? Do you want some skittles?

L: Why yes, I would love a skittle! Thank you.

W: Here. A red skittle.

L: I love red it’s my favorite color.

W: Red is mommy’s favorite color too! Do you want more skittles?

L: No, I’m ok. Thank you. You be good have a nice day.

W: Bye! Have nice day!

My heart just melted. He then proceeded to offer his skittles to two more walkers and the Border Patrol. He did not have any other takers though.

I guess strangers are going to have to worry about Wyatt offering them candy and beating them to the punch!


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