A Love Letter…To H-E-B

Dear H-E-B Grocery Stores,

I write this letter through tears in my eyes, as I am a woman about to leave Texas. I know! I even chose to do this! I cannot tell you how much I will miss you. I will miss your amazing and delicious products. For years now I have fed my family HEB products. How will my food taste? Even my sandwiches are going to be less tasty without your BakeShop Wheat bread. I mourn the day in the near future when I go the refrigerator in our RV to find that the HEB Sparkling Pineapple and Coconut drinks are GONE! My tacos will be missing your salsa and tortillas.

How will I learn to trust other brands? How will deal with the lack of selection? I’m sorry to say this to you, but I had to shop at Wal-Mart for groceries, (gasp) I know! I am in a Texas city with no H-E-B!! Wal-Mart had only TWO Bar-B-Cue sauces from which to choose. Have you ever heard of such blasphemy in Texas?

I know life will go on. I know that I will find other grocery stores with organized aisles and friendly faces. I will find love again…at the grocery store. I will have to figure out which products to buy since the obvious label of quality, the HEB label, will not be there for me choose.

I hope that once we start our journey out of the great state of Texas on Sunday that I do come across one last HEB so that I can stock up on all the products I love and can fit in the RV. I will be excited to walk in your doors one last time (for the next two months).

Oh, did I mention to you how impressed I was to find the wide range of chicharone flavors available in the Del Rio HEB? I have not seen so many flavors in my HEB back home! I hope the HEB in El Paso (there better be one or you’ll hear my scream in Port Aransas) will also surprise me in product choices.

So, it is with a heavy heart, my dear HEB that I bid you adieu until I return to Texas in March. Even then my love it will be bittersweet, because we will only be home for the month.

All my love,


One comment

  1. LOL😄
    I used to feel that way when I went to Houston, and then Pearland to visit my daughter!
    Finally, they have HEBs…a few.
    Be safe. Have fun. Come see us, when you get home!

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