The Amazing Disappearing Pacifiers 

Last night was one of those nights where you realize you were previously actually getting a fair amount of sleep. Even though you feel like maybe you weren’t. 

Wyatt, sweet, adorable Wyatt, has been weaning himself off naps. Opposed to the advisement of his father and mother. He’s just not having it anymore. After church, he fell asleep on the way home and we thought “alright! A nap!” But as soon as we put him down in the bed and walked out of the room, he woke up. Screaming. Not happy we tried to trick him into sleeping. Once he pulled himself out of his angry sleepy stupor, he was having a great afternoon. He’s asking lots of great questions right now. Where things come from. How things work. He wants to see you do things repeatedly so that he can study you. Like yesterday he insisted Rodney run across the yard as fast as he could because he “wants to learn how to run fast”! But it gets tiring answering all those questions and running sprints in the yard. As many of you know, there’s no break. None. Except for the short, peaceful respite that is the afternoon nap. 

Now, I know naps won’t last forever. I can handle this reality, really I can. What is much harder to handle is what happened next. Once it was time for bed, we had our bath. He actually let me wash his hair!! Without a fight. With only like 5 tears! I was amazed. We put on our PJs. We put on a movie and snuggled up. He asked for his pacifier , which is normal. We are slowly, very slowly weaning him off those. But at night they really help him fall asleep. So I went to find them. I could not. Rodney could not. Wyatt had no idea where they were. 

I tried really hard to keep the pure panic off my face. I think Rodney was too. We were looking at Wyatt with eyebrows raised, “Gosh we can’t find them, but your a big boy, you don’t need them”. He said, “ok.” He got in bed. Five minutes later he asked for the pacifiers again. This time with so much sadness in his voice it was heart breaking. Still we couldn’t find them! Then the crying started. After much consoling he fell asleep. For a while. Then woke up again crying for his pacifier and saying, “I’m just so tired”. It was heart breaking. Horrible! We had already turned the house, travel trailer and truck upside down looking for them. Inconsolable he drifted in and out of sleep all night. 

Then, woke up at 7:45. Still upset. Still no pacifier. But in the morning it’s way less of a deal. We got breakfast. Or, actually he got breakfast, I got a big ole cup of HEB San Antonio Blend coffee. Now, it’s no big deal. 

But, tell me this. I did go buy more pacifiers because we are headed to Rodney’s dad’s house in Austin and they will watch Wyatt tonight so Rodney and I can have a date! (Woohoo!!) I can’t have them go through that this evening. So, tell me why when I came back to the truck with the new pacifiers was the freaking old one SITTING ON THE SEAT! Where in the world was it when I literally looked IN THAT EXACT SPOT last night? I looked there 2 times! Rodney looked there 3 times! 

(Deep breaths) ok. (more deep breaths) 

Anyway, all this is to say, I’m so NOT looking forward to getting him over the pacifier. Yikes! 

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