On Your Birthday 

Today I really want to tell you about my husband. First you need to know that neither of us are big into PDA (public displays of affection) we just are not those people. So this is out of the norm for me. But it’s his birthday! In fact it’s the 15th Birthday we have celebrated together. So honey, Happy Birthday! This post is all about you! 

I remember people asking me when we were engaged how did I know he was the one. I knew right away. Literally. But I will fast forward a bit in the story. The first time we met for a date was in Waco. He was going to meet me on campus at the Judge Baylor statue and we had plans to go to the zoo. May I also remind you this was before texting someone a selfie, so I really had no idea what he looked like. I called people from our home town to describe him to me. So what does one wear in 2001 on a first date, basically blind, to the zoo? Well, I wore a super cute one sleeve red shirt, jeans and my clunky black boots. Don’t you roll your eyes! I was cute! No matter that was the only time I ever wore that shirt! When I walked up to that statue of Judge Baylor I not only found my husband but a very skinny young man, in kakhi shorts, a black Hawaiian shirt that also featured pool balls and sandals…with socks. All he was missing was a soda wrapped in tin foil. I think I may have laughed out of a nervous relief. When we got to his suburban, that he used to tour in, he opened the door. We got in. He put on the Almost Famous soundtrack and proceeded to sing Fever Dog with hand motions. It may have been that very moment I said to myself, “yep. This is the one.” He was funny, real, adorable, and didn’t seem like he was trying to impress me at all. I loved him. I knew there would be laughs and adventure with this guy. We had a fairly normal visit to the zoo, but still wanted to hang out so he took me, not to dinner, but to the movies. Where he waited until half way through to try to hold my hand. It was sweet. We saw Texas Rangers, the one with James Vanderbeck. (I probably spelled that wrong but I don’t care I’m not looking it up). 

We have been through a lot together in 15 years. I can’t imagine what it would have been like without him. What if I would have let my friends who walked me to the statue talk me out of my date? (Not that they tried) I’m a firm believer that God creates specific people to be together. So I know Rodney was created for me, we would have met another way had they talked me out of that date. In fact, later we found several ways we almost met or would have met later. It was written in the stars. Meant to be. 

There are so many stories I want to share that brag on my husband. Like how amazing he is at being a dad to Wyatt. Most wives probably feel that way but seriously, he is so good with Wyatt! He’s way better at play than me! He can pretend play like nobody’s business! It makes my heart almost burst to see the two of them hug and kiss and call each other their best friends. Or how even if he’s annoyed with me being an emotional mess he’ll still go out of his way to make me happy. He would go to the ends of the earth for us I know. Or how he’s totally turned into this boss RV driver! I’m so impressed with how easily and carefully he drives this crazy long travel trailer. I would be a nervous wreck! But I won’t get all mushy and crazy on you guys! 

Anyway, it’s his birthday. And I’m so thankful he was born. I’m so thankful for God’s plan for us to be together and have a family. How lucky am I that I get to call you my husband? 

Happy Birthday, Rodney. I love you more than you’ll ever know!


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