For the Love of Parks

Chances are you have visited a National or State Park at some point. You probably had a positive experience. Maybe you vowed to go to more parks after that, and then you did. Or maybe you didn’t. Either way, I’m going to tell you now why you should be a card carrying park goer. 

1. You belong in nature. There’s a reason after being outside, breathing fresh air, getting some sun you feel better and refreshed. You need the sun, the fresh air, the smell of dirt and plants to be healthy. Kids do better when they get lots of outside time, same for us adults. When I worked at the Witte, if we had a particularly long day, we could take a walk in the city park and get back to work. That always did wonders! Think of what an entire weekend or week can do for you?! 

2. Make memories. You might be making memories with your family. Maybe just your significant other. Some of you are the awesome, brave ones who go it alone out in the woods and really spend some time with nature! Anyway you do it, you are sure to think and talk about it forever. We still talk about our Mesa Verde trip from like 5 years ago like it was a few months ago! And I love to think about the time my family went to Yellowstone when I was in the 4th grade. I know Wyatt will always remember flying down the sand dune on a snosaucer at White Sands National Monument. So, memories. Go get you some. 

3. Save money. Should you plan to commit yourself to numbers 1 and 2, you need to purchase the annual pass. The regular annual National Park pass is $80. So far this year we have visited 5 national parks or monuments and the pass has paid for itself almost twice. You can use that money for food or gas or even for souvenirs. AND guess what?! If you have a 4th grader, your National Park pass is FREE!!! Are you military? Also FREE!! How cool is that??!! 

4. National or State park passes or museum memberships make perfect gifts! Some passes or memberships carry reciprocal admission to other institutions. For instance a Witte Museum membership would get you into over 100 other museums across the United States. Pretty great gift! You give the gift of family memories and they get to save money! Score! In fact, our National Park pass was a gift from my awesome sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Jennifer and Page Blanton. We got the pass for Christmas and it was like receiving Wonka’s golden ticket! Also, think about how your cutting down on all the stuff! Instead of adding more stuff to the world a membership or pass is a gift that gives an experience takes up only room in your memory! 

5. Does there need to be a 5? Really? Come on, go get your pass! Get outside for the love of Pete! I don’t know who Pete is but geeze! 

Wyatt was a super dare devil at White Sands National Monument! He kept wanting to go down taller and taller dunes!! 

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