4 Months

While I was getting ready for bed tonight I realized it’s been 4 months since I left my full time museum job for a very different life.

So in honor of that, here are some musings on these past 4 months. 

First, I went from full time working mom to full time mom. This was an interesting change. I can honestly say I have been on both sides of the war zone. And I can honestly say that neither side is easier than the other. Each one has pros and cons. I may not be working outside of the home full time but I still have trouble keeping goldfish crackers cleaned up and cookies out of my child’s hands for breakfast.

I’m still just as exhausted at the end of the day. I thought I would be this well rested, bright eyed mom/wife but alas this is not the case. An entire day of not only wrangling Wyatt but trying to teach him things and on top of that managing a tour and booking shows… leaves me just as tired as before. Although I will say, it’s different. I dont mind this version of tired. It’s weird but 3 years ago I wouldn’t have agreed with myself. I was dead set on a long term career regardless of having children. But now, my goals and my hopes have changed. And that’s ok. 

I LOVE maps. I have always known I love maps but I really do enjoy plotting out routes on an actual paper map. We still use google directions on our phones but that will not tell you what mountain you are looking at to the west. Or what towns are coming up next or if you detour just 30 minutes you can see the worlds largest pistachio. Important stuff can be found on maps! My fondest map memory was when we drove across Europe in 2008. We couldn’t figure out how to get the GPS to speak English so we navigated France, Germany and Italy all with actual maps. That was super fun in three different languages. So far we don’t have any fun map stories from this trip but I’m sure there will be. 

I’m totally surprised and delighted to see Wyatt turn a complete stranger into a new friend everywhere we go! I think I will learn a lot from him this year. Wyatt is truly the reflection of God’s love. I think people can sense that and this is why they are drawn to him. 

I still miss HEB. So much so that last night at 4 am when I couldn’t sleep, I was making up songs about it in my half awake stupor. 

I’m excited about all that we are learning to fix ourselves. You know… the more you know and all… when you learn to fix something new I always imagine that scene in Cast Away where he finally gets his fire started and screams, arms raised, “Look what I have created!” 

I’m also really looking forward to our trip back to San Antonio. Not only because a massive trip to HEB is in order but because New Witte is opening! I’m so thrilled to see years of hard work coming together to create the best museum in Texas! So that brings us full circle. 

One thing I do know- whatever your passion is, or your goals are, don’t wait another minute to make it happen. Or if you are making it happen make sure you’re all in! You don’t want to arrive at the end and think what if! 

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