Becoming a Vigilante 

We did not expect to find a new family in Tombstone, but we did. We did not expect (or maybe we did a little) to fall in love with this crazy little town, but we did. We did not expect Wyatt to take to the town and the people in it like a fish to water, but he did. We did not expect to become Vigilantes, but we did! 

So here we are, sad, a tear in our eyes, and Tombstone in our rear view. Our new Vigilante family treated us like, well family! We felt more at home here than anywhere else so far this trip. 

We are also celebrating 6 weeks on the road, “officially”. A little longer than that if you include our time in Seminole Canyon. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, or… that short of a time. We have learned a lot so far. By the end of this year we will be seasoned RVers! 

We even infiltrated the 55+ RV park! Mwahahaha!!! It was an accident though. On our way back from Meteror Crater, I was looking online for a park that would be closest to Rodney’s next show and I found a nice one that online said nothing about age restrictions. So I called and booked a spot. The reservationist did not ask my age. We arrived and pulled up to the office. I hopped out and was greeted by two older gentlemen. They were very nice. In the office the woman looked at me funny, she was nice but just looked skeptical. When I left the office I met two more gentlemen on scooters. I got in the truck and Rodney asked if I was sure this was family friendly. As the words, “it didn’t say it wasn’t online” came out of my mouth, I looked at the info page/map and in real big print on the front it said, “A 55+ Community”. Just then the man to escort us to our spot arrived in his golf cart. Wyatt was already out of his car seat hanging out the window yelling hello to the man! He was really nice but quickly asked us how long we were staying. “Oh just one night” we said. He seemed relieved. While setting up we were visited by several gentlemen, all very nice, all wanting to know just how long we planned to stay. Luckily we were not kicked out. I guess the receptionist figured I had an older sugar daddy out in the truck! 

It was life changing seeing the Grand Canyon. Seeing Meteror Crater was a neat thing to add to my list of places I have been. But Tombstone was by far the best part of our tour so far. All of us had a great time! We met amazing people and now have new friends for life. We will be planning more of our tour around being in Tombstone, now that we are Associate Vigilantes! Did I mention I now have a badge!!? Rodney and I are both excited to come back in May and be involved in Wyatt Earp Days and some skits and gunfights! So everyone plan a trip to Tombstone! You won’t regret it! 

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