His Name Is Wyatt. 

I have never met a person who named their child on a whim. Some research names, look to family members for names, wait to see baby to find out what name feels right, some have had names picked out for years. I fall into this last category. My mother and best friend Annette can confirm that I have had the name Wyatt picked out since like 8th grade. Even earlier than that I had become obsessed with the story of Wyatt Earp. He was very interesting. Not only did he hold several law positions in several cities, he also raced horses, was a miner, a boxing referee and owned saloons. Wyatt Earp’s reputation later became the beacon of Western Justice, no doubt because of his role in the gunfight at the OK Corral and his Vendetta ride after that. Earp was never wounded by a bullet during these gunfights, although I think it was the gunfight with Curly Bill (or maybe the entire vendetta ride) where he ended up with two holes in his jacket, a bullet hit the heel of his boot and his saddle horn was shot while he was in the saddle. Pretty impressive.   

The name Wyatt is English and means “brave in war”. I knew, even in 8th grade, my son needed a strong name. A name that had some meat and potatoes behind it. Does that make sense? After the movie Tombstone with Kurt Russell came out, it was very easy to picture my father like this. I imagined he would have been a lot like Wyatt Earp if he were around in those days. So this made me like the name even more. 

Time moved forward. I stayed committed to the name. In fact I had this fully formed picture and idea in my head of who Wyatt, my son was. Way before I met Rodney, I already knew Wyatt. I know, I sound crazy. But it’s true. 

The first time Rodney and I talked about kids, I think I told him that I already had my sons  name  picked out. I’m sure he thought it was weird. From the moment I saw two pink lines, I knew it was him. Of course we tried hard to pick out a girls name, but I knew I was not going to need it. It was Wyatt in there. No doubt. 

Fast forward a bit. Rodney’s aunt and uncle gave Wyatt a lovely wooden picture frame with his name and meaning on it. It says, “He behaves in a way consistent with love, A man who can give a good hug, A person who stands on his own two feet, Someone blessed with a light hearted nature, He has an uplifting nature, If he feels it is right he will defend it, Flexible and open in his thinking, His love can heal spirits”. This made Rodney and I both cry instantly, because even at 3 years old, this is shockingly accurate. 

So, no, stranger #103 in Tombstone, we are not just “calling him Wyatt for fun” since we are here in Tombstone. He IS Wyatt. What kind of looney toon would I be to change my 3 year olds name for a few days? No, he just introduced himself to you and shook your hand and said “I’m Wyatt” as a joke. Although he is pretty funny, his name is not. 

That is all. 

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