Here’s to you, mom! 

In honor of Mother’s Day I felt it appropriate to share with you all a little about my mom. Some of my favorite stories and why I think she is the best mom ever! I hope you will share your favorite story about your mom in the comments. 

My mother, Becky, was born on December 12th and despite her strict military father, she was a big hippie! She had gorgeous long blond hair (until she chopped it off before marrying my dad) and wore huge bell bottoms. She even saw Led Zeppelin! You may not know she was a cosmetologist and this valuable skill landed her the “job” of doing not only my own but all my friends nails for prom, like every year. My mom is selfless and so caring. She would spend whatever time she had doing something to make one of her kids happy. Mom is also a fantastic cook and can make the best iced tea ever! And the best chicken/turkey salad. And sheet cake. And white gravy. And chili. And goulash. 

So now that you have a good idea of my mom, if you didn’t already know her, here are some of my favorite stories/memories and reasons why she’s the best. 

My mother used to bribe me with egg rolls. I remember when I was really little I would go with her to run errands for my dads company or for the family and sometimes these were long days but she would tell me to hang in there and I could get an egg roll from Quick Wok, which was a fast food Chinese place. It totally worked. I loved them and still think of having egg rolls with mom whenever I have one today. 

Mom carted me around to a ton of things. I was in dance, piano, softball, and horseback riding lessons. Only one of those stuck, probably the most expensive out of all of them! But it was great because mom rode too and we always had a blast at rodeos! She even flew with me up to Ohio to buy a barrel horse, who ended up being a great horse, but it’s that trip that was so much fun. My mom was my biggest fan in the stands. I could always hear her cheering me on, yelling at me to kick, while I was flying through the arena. But, I wasn’t the only one who flew through the arena! Mom was a great barrel racer too and had this beautiful giant black horse named Black (of course). Black loved my mom. No really, she loved her so much she hated if anyone else tried to ride her. Black would do whatever she could to get me off her back, but as soon as mom was on her she was an angel! 

You know how they say, mother is always right? Well I have a million examples of this but here are two pretty funny ones… in high school I was able to get tickets to see Cher and wanted my long brown hair to be long black hair. My mom insisted that I would not be able to dye my hair without a catastrophe. I think I also had highlights at the time. I wanted a temporary black dye job. She said no…several times. It will never fully wash out she said. You will ruin your hair she said. I did not listen. I dyed it with a temporary wash out box color. One week later my hair was black, brown and blondish spotted. It looked like a leopard print dye job. I ended up having to have my hair stripped like a month later and re-dyed brown. The other was another hair catastrophe. I wanted a perm that looked like natural curls. Again she was right! I ended up with a very long fro that had those tight zigzag curls. Not what I was going for at all! 

Mom braved the crowds and took me and my brother to Disney World, by herself!! Ok, my grandma went too, but still! Even though that trip was meant to soften the blow of moving to Jourdanton it was still a great memory! I was in an awkward phase where I was still young enough to really love Disney but also coming out of a bit of rebellious turd phase that probably sealed the deal to make us move to a much smaller town. But she put up with me and all my awful turdness anyway. 

In high school, after I grew out of my turd phase, I was in theater and showed steers and she was by my side every second. Every play. Every steer show. Every stupid superstition I had, she’d indulge. 

One of my favorite memories is on my wedding day. Mom and I got ready in her bathroom together. Just us. It was quiet. We put on our makeup, she put on my veil. We talked a little but it was so normal and calm I would never trade those moments for anything. For me time stood still for a while just me and my mommy. 

Fast forward now quite a bit. I’ll never forget her face when I gave her and dad a “present” to unwrap that was my pregnancy test. She was shocked and so excited. Then 9 months later I called her on December 12th to tell her happy birthday, and that I was about deliver the ultimate gift! I love that mom and Wyatt share a birthday! 

My mom was always straight forward with me about life and what to expect as a woman. She is still my role model when it comes to being a good mom and wife. 

Happy Mothers Day, mom! I love you more than you know! Thank you for all you do. 


  1. More fun stories from You! Thanks for sharing.
    My mom and I were very close. She really loved being a mom, and it showed. One of our special things was having afternoon coffee and a treat. This started when I was about 3😄 We had a neighbor who was the town’s cake lady, and my mom had a tradition of walking over for coffee with her in the afternoons before Mrs. Atkins (“Ma”) began icing. When I was old enough to hold a little tea cup, they began letting me have milk coffee, which was a cup of milk & sugar with a splash of coffee😊 My mom is long gone, but I still have coffee or tea in the afternoon – no milk/no sugar!!

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