Humpty Dumpty (Wyatt named this Blog)

I asked aloud, “What is a good name for this update blog?” Blank stare from husband, 3-year-old triumphantly yells, “Humpty Dumpty!” Ok.

While there will be no tales of broken eggs, or the kings men in this blog (sorry to disappoint) there will be an update on how this crazy trip is going.

Next month is our ONE YEAR anniversary of making this decision to leave it all behind and take this circus on the road. June 20th marks EIGHT full months that I have been a full-time mommy/housewife/servant/road manager/booking agent. We have now spent SIX full months in the Travel Trailer, and FIVE months on the road traveling.

While obviously a lot of time has passed, it really feels like we made this life changing decision yesterday.

So, what has been most surprising? Maybe that there are so many other families who have chosen this lifestyle. They work from home or the road and they live in their RV, traveling the United States. There are also many families from Europe and Australia who spend their time traveling around as well. I guess it is probably now easier than ever to work from the road and homeschool your little ones. The internet is wonderful thing! Some of my favorite families to follow on Instagram are: @the.travelling.twins, @currentlywandering,, @mumpacktravel, @ditchingsuburbia, @thewaltonadventure, @globetrottinggrommets, @optingoutofnormal, @theworldwidewebbers, @brisbanefamilyexplorers, @theamators, @belleofthebustle, @crazyfamilyadventure, @currentlywandering

What has been the most fun so far? Visting our National parks and State parks. We have had the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful parts of our country and that is something that will stick with all three of us. If we were to only visit these places while I had vacation time from work, it would probably take us 2-3 years. And I can’t wait to visit Canada for this frist time this August!

What is the most frustrating? Maybe that the trailer is both easier and way harder to clean than a house. It takes less time, but if you have a sock, a shirt and 3 toys out of place it looks like we were robbed. Of course you can’t keep it all that organized with a three year old living with you! So we kind of stradle the line of “this is fairly organized” and “if I step on one more toy, I’m throwing away ALL our possessions”.

What has been our favorite location? While we really loved Arizona and it was the place where we all felt our best ever, as far as allergies and exczema. We are really falling in love with Utah! It is so beautiful! We just can’t wait to spend more time there. We will be spending more time in Moab at the start of July! We plan to make it over to Zion National Park this time as well.

What about the scariest? WEATHER!! We have somehow managed to get caught is the worst of storm situations. Our little travel trailer has been a champ in sustaining not only hail storms but also 70 mile an hour wind gusts. At the time we were positive that we were going to die (or I was for sure) but we made it through. We drove, thankfully without the trailer, right under what looked like a forming tornado here in Texas. We were on the high way and had no choice but to just keep going. Our F250 was blown off the road a few minutes later. Luckily not blown over, just pushed off the road onto the shoulder. Again, close call. I think weather will remain the scariest thing we encounter, seeing as how you have no control over it. I recommend downloading a good weather app – not the one that comes on your iPhone….

So, six months later and we are still having a great time! Full time traveling is very exhausting but also the most rewarding and fun way of living this one life we get.


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