This Week at the Farm…Potatoes and Fencing

Since last week I have made my weight in cinnamon rolls… ok maybe my 8th grade weight. I will be working on a kolache recipe this week… woohoo! Stay tuned to that one.

The plants are still growing well in the house and we are itching to get those in the ground but know we must wait until after the last frost, which according to the Farmers Almanac is at the end of March. We have decided to take a different approach to planting the potatoes. Our soil is pretty heavy, since it’s basically clay and rocks, and we are a little worried it might not provide the ideal space for a huge potato crop. So I am making potato planters…. I am taking left over fencing from when we took down our back yard fence, and making circles that are about 2 feet tall and about 2 feet wide. The fencing is the type with small rectangles so I will line them with hay then put about 6 inches of dirt inside, then plant the seed potatoes. As they grow you continue to add dirt around the stem leaving the leaves exposed until you are all the way to the top of the container. Lately when I talk to my dad our main conversational focus is potatoes. I am very concerned for these potatoes that do not even exist yet, as I love potatoes. So, I have 6 of these containers ready for hay and dirt. I plan to add two to four more and try a few in the ground in mounds. This is what they look like.


We also had a fence mending session this week. Instead of rebuilding, we did some temporary patch work and I think this summer we will be rebuilding quite a lot of fence. I’m sure there will be some angry deer and three disappointed mini donkeys to see their holes have been covered up! Something about fixing a fence is oddly satisfying. Rodney had to talk me down yesterday as I was ready for some major fence overhaul. I was wielding wire cutters with wild abandon. Ladies, sometimes our husbands are right, there is not enough fence material to re-do the entire thing, only to patch it and rain is coming, now is not the time to get over ambitious. That is how you make a good team, someone has to stay the voice of reason. We take turns being the voice of reason because in a good team the roles are always changing and evolving. Fence building is probably a great activity for newly weds or newly engaged people. Can you make it through fixing this fence? Yes? Your probably good to go.

In Wyatt news he has pretty much been singing non-stop for two days. Singing about what he is doing. Singing about God. Singing songs that really seem to not have words just rhyming syllables and sounds. Humming. Singing. Comes as no surprise really. I love that he makes up his own songs too. He borrows occasionally from songs he has heard but likes to make it his own. He also dances. A lot. Not always at the same time as the singing though. They are not mutually exclusive activities. I was going to upload a video here of said singing… however, they can launch a Tesla Roadster into space and have a live feed on YouTube but I can’t manage to get a 50 second video to upload here on earth. So… insert giant eye roll here.

It has been a relatively calm week though. Spent thinking about potatoes and squeezing our child so tight he claims we are going pop his head off. But what else can you do? When the world is seeming to crumble around you, you prepare in the only way you may know how. Plant food. Fix the fence. Cook for others. Teach your child right from wrong. Squeeze them just to the point of their heads popping off.


My little lion, feeding the animals. May he always stay this sweet.


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