Best Friends

Today, July 2, is my best friends birthday. And it’s usually birthdays that make you stop and think about how much people mean to you. Funny how that works. You may also have a best friend, who you are close to, so maybe this blog will be a reminder to let them know you love them. Or send them an old goofy picture through text.

Anyway, one thing I have been thinking about a lot lately is how hard it is to keep friends and make new friends at this phase of life and that I am thankful that I have a best friend who, no matter what is going on, even if we dont talk for a week, is always like home. We don’t even have to let many words pass between us anymore to know what the other is talking about or feeling. We just know. We share in many of the same feelings and stresses. But we are also on different paths in life. Our circuses and monkeys are very different.

I was plannning on writing this blog and waxing poetic on Annette and our long-time friendship and love but then I found something great! I was going through boxes of stuff from high school, finally throwing things away that I have no room for anymore and I came across a letter, or actually a poem, written to me from Annette. She will probably be like, why did you put that online!!! But it is so sweet and it was exactly what I was thinking and it was PERFECT for right now.

So on your birthday, Annette, I want to publicly celebrate you, my smart, funny, beautiful best friend! We will celebrate with your own words written on February 4, 1999 (yes you dated it).

My Best Friend

Friends forever we both promised

Together until the end

We do everything with each other

You are my best friend

When I am sad, you are by my side

When I am scared, you feel my fear

You are my best support

If I need you, you are here

You are the greatest friend

You always know what to say

You make everything seem better

As long as we have each other we’ll be okay.

But somewhere along in our life, if we get torn apart

I know that it will make a big hole in my heart

If our cheerful music reveres its tune, 

It will be like salt with no pepper,

A sun without a moon

As we grow older some things may change,

But they don’t have to end.

Even thought it might be different, 

You’ll always be my best friend. 

Annette, Thank you for the years (so far) of laughs and tears shared. The millions of hugs and all the dancing and singing. For being by my side. For listening. For not listening. For sharing your family with me. For sharing your life with me. I love you!

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