Washington or Bust

The quickest way to invite change into your life might be to make sweeping declarations of things you will never do. I recently sat in my living room and told Rodney’s cousin Kim and her husband Ben, that I would never leave Texas, and more than that, never leave south Texas. I would never go too far from an H-E-B. I was going to live this certain way, gosh dern it.

Then something started to change. We noticed this immense feeling of change, looming… looming sounds ominous…but great change can always feel ominous at the start. Rodney and I laughed about it, Oh no, something big is about to happen we can feel it. It was a big feeling similar to when I decided to leave the Witte and we went on an 18 month tour of the US with Rodney’s music. We kept trying to “guess” what this change was going to be. A European tour was semi taking shape. Catering was picking up. What is it going to be? Then, I got a tip from someone about a job in Washington DC. It was super weird. I thought, sure, I could go back to work that might be just what I need. Then I thought about it more, and the more I thought about it and we talked about it, it seemed like a great idea. So I applied to this job in DC. THEN for some reason, (some reason, ha!, God’s hand, the universe, whatever you prefer, it’s all the same) I started looking for openings in Washington State. I sent a few resumes to museums in Washington. Rodney mentioned we could look at a list of the coolest cities to live in and look for stuff in those cities. So I searched for such a list and found Olympia on one. There are a few museums in Olympia, but the Hands On Children’s Museum really stood out. They looked like a museum that is on their way up and are doing amazing programming for their community. But, they were not hiring. So I kept looking. And then, against all natural inclinations I sent a cold resume to the museum. The only cold resume I have ever sent in my life. I just feel like it is weird to send cold resumes. But I did, and I got a phone call one evening while sitting in the grass with a friend watching our kids run around on a splash pad. Great time for an impromptu interview, screaming kids in the background, splashing water.

The rest, I guess, will be history. It will be the moment in time where we decided to move our lives to Washington State. I don’t think I would have the guts to make this kind of move if it were not for two things. One- Rodney. The world’s most supportive spouse. Two- My parents. It is inspirational to see them move to another state and really flourish. They are happy and having so much fun. Which they deserve.

I kind of can’t believe we are going to make this move. Especially how quickly it all came about. It is an overwhelming feeling, but I know this is where we are supposed to be at this point. Great things are afoot. 

One comment

  1. I think you are right! It’s going to be awesome for each of you, and for the family “you”!
    Blessings! Keep in touch and don’t forget to send me your address! 🙂


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