That RV Life…So Far

Where is home for you? What does that word mean, home? Maybe home is wherever your family is, or your things. Perhaps it’s where you grew up. Or is it a city? A state of mind? Can you make yourself feel “at home” wherever you may be? It can be an interesting thing to think about and maybe you have never really thought about it. Chances are if you have moved a lot or traveled a lot, you have thought of it often. Will this new place be like “home”? I can’t wait to get home. I wish I could just stay at home. [All things that pass through our brains at one time or another].

Growing up, we had our fair share of moving, but our parents kept us in the same city. The first move was the only drastic, life changing one. One that I am forever grateful for. Even though at the time I was sure my life was over. Every move after that was, just that, a move. Rodney and I kept this tradition up moving 10 times in 10 years. I hardly gave the concept of “home” a second thought when we decided to hit the road full-time. Home to me was always wherever my family was. Until we basically moved into the travel trailer while we were all sick! And nothing makes you want to be “home” or with your mommy more than being sick. It was bizarre to be getting used to living in this very new, drastically different situation and then everyone gets sick. Honestly it’s all big blur and fog but I distinctly remember the feeling of depression and wanting to just go home, even though I was already there.

Now that everyone is doing much better it’s been MUCH easier to accept this rolling metal box as our home. I have finally, thanks to Jennifer [sister-in-law], been able to get the space organized. Which is hard to do until you use a space and really figure out what you need. Everything is so small there is no room for nonsense.

We have figured out several things so far: 

  • The hot water heater produces just enough hot water to wash your hair, body and face… barely. Like, I might be finding some peanut butter stuck in the back of my hair at some point barely. 
  • On the subject of water: you really become uber aware of your water usage! Which is great, until you look back at the last 33 years of your life where you thought you were being a water saver!! Nope! Big ole nope! You are never really aware of the amount of water you use until it fills up a tank you then have to drain. 
  • We had to get rid of two dining chairs to replace with a toy box. Or we would just have to wade through a parade of animals every day. 
  • Things were not getting jostled about the trailer in transit like I thought! 
  • Oh, just kidding. Literally everything in every cabinet is rearranged. 
  • Not every dump area or station is created equal. 
  • The art of baking cookies in an RV oven will take at least 2 more batches. 
  • Tree limbs are a force to be reckoned with! A small one took out our sky light over the shower! Like twig size, it was small but mighty!
  • Not all “RV people” are nice. In fact some are down right weird. Like the shirtless old man who just stares at us, with a scowl,constantly from his spot across from us. Really Dude? 
  • The owners manual to the trailer might as well read: “this is a travel trailer. It has wheels. You can sleep in it. You can cook and eat in it. The end!” 

In other news, I was in need of a drink today. It was one of those days. Wyatt doesn’t really ask the question why, I wish he did more because I can handle that. Instead when I tell him something like, 

“Wyatt, can you put the toys away it’s time for lunch” 

He says, “what mom? Tell me something!” 

I repeat myself. 

He repeats himself, super annoyed. 

I repeat myself super annoyed, telling him to look at me while I talk. 

He still says, “just tell me something already!” 

I have no idea what he thinks he might be saying. We are always both annoyed at this back and forth! I also have no clue where the “tell me something ” is coming from! It’s all so bizarre. And it happens like 75 times in a day. It’s grinding on me. So… I had no wine. I didn’t want a beer. I had Amaretto (which goes in the margaritas but we were missing the other ingredients) So I mixed it with HEB sparkling pineapple and coconut drink and a splash of OJ and it was so yummy. Or at least I think it was delicious, or I just so badly wanted a drink  it was like water when you’re dying of thirst. (Maybe that’s too dramatic!) Anyhow, it was good! I had two. Then happily played a board game with a 3 year old. To the end! Therefore, the drink is amazing and I win the day. 


  1. You’re spending more time with your family than most folks do. Enjoy it, love you guys, and God bless. I wish we could join you guys for weekend.


  2. Happy New Year! Blessings for all your adventures. We’re keeping the home fires burning for you at AHPC, and winging prayers. ♡


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